He is my new idol! Welcome back to earth Mr. Hadfield!
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield performed weightless the David Bowie song Space Oddity before leaving the International Space Station (ISS) for his return to Earth where he is expected Tuesday morning after a mission of five months.

The Commander Chris Hadfield could be serious and austere, like all astronauts before him. But instead he chose to be himself, authentic and honest. His warm personality takes away nothing in his knowledge, his experience and his great intelligence, on the contrary, it makes him more human, more complete as a true hero.

How many of us seek to differentiate ourselves at all costs becoming someone else, when we could be ourselves, with all our candor and sincerity? The best role in our life is ours.

Remain ourselves, especially when we make a sale, and we must pass a passion for our services and products. Legitimacy and honesty will always feel. Integrity always triumph.

Welcome back to earth Mr. Hadfield!

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