Nobody can be the best at everything!

Start by learning to be better at something that pays you well first and then you’ll probably have the resources and the time to improve the rest!  This will make a difference in your life and business!
In sales, your top priority should be to learn how to make more money through prospecting!
I always say:  “No customers, no transactions!”
If you never confront this aspect of the sales business, you will always be waiting for clients to fall from the sky.
Clients acquired like this are so rare that you will work desperately not to lose them when you got them.  This vulnerable state of mind is dangerous for a salesperson.
And worse; you can become a victim of your dependence to these few clients who will abuse you and take advantage of your desperation knowing you can’t afford to lose their business.

Without confidence and ease of prospecting regularly new clients, you will put yourself in a vulnerable position where you will not be able to reach your full potential for success in sales. And like thousands of others who doesn’t wanted to make this small effort, you’ll be one of the sales persons who did a short passage in this job …

What new excuses are you going to come up with to convince yourself not to register for some training in the most important aspect of your job?  Do you really think you still have enough money and time to hope that luck will drop you clients from the sky?

The best sales people around the world in your industry show you they don’t! They are all painlessly prospecting and with great pleasure! So start to learn how and improve this important aspect of your job now! This will make a big difference, like it does for them, in your success and in your life!
This is what I call being Sold on Success!

I hope you take the road to success and never forget that you are a good salesperson and be proud of it. You are honest and motivated. Do not let anyone believe otherwise, especially not yourself. I wish you to be more than “Sold on SUCCESS”!



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