An old story that sometime need to be recall… Enjoy!

A man tends a $ 20 bill. He said, « Who would like this bill? « The hands go up.

He crumples the bill and asks, « You still want it? » The hands go up again.

He throws the crumpled bill on the floor, jumps with both feet and said,  « You still want it? » … And yet, people raise their hands.

He said: « My friends, you just learned a lesson! No matter what I do with this bill, you always want it, because its value has not changed. It is always $20.

Several times in your life, you will be offended, rejected by the people and events. You will feel you are worth nothing, but your value has not changed in the eyes of people you really love.

Most importantly, make sure that this value does not change in your own eyes.

I hope you’ll all take the road to success without forgetting that yes indeed, you are excellent salespeople! ;-0 You do have integrity and motivation.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

I look forward to see your INCREDIBLE-SUCCESS!


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Sylvia Perreault, is a Speaker and author of 7 books on sales and success. This incredible woman is the founder of IMMO-SUCCES, a company that offers coaching, seminars and conferences designed to encourage success and promote pride in sales. With her 30 years of experiences in business, she wrote the following books: LA MÉTHODE IMMO-SUCCÈS: Agent immobilier: Du rêve à la réalité! Tome I; Agent immobilier : De la réalité aux rêves! Tome II and finally Les Outils IMMO-SUCCÈS.
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