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The vast experience of Sylvia combined with her sense of analysis make her the ideal candidate to provide coaching and discreet ear with many successful sales persons and agents need. Just like her books, her actions and recommendations remain practical and applicable immediately.

From Theory to Reality: Organization, efficiency and profitability!

Goals :

  • Learn how to set effective goals
  • Learn how to build a successful plan of action
  • Learn how to speak powerfully and effectively
  • Learn how to achieve fast, positive results
  • Learn how to ask the right questions;
  • Learn how to listen to your client;
  • Learn how to respond to objections;
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback;
  • Learn how to close a sale;
  • Learn the tips and tricks from sales person with experience;
  • Learn how to respond to unexpected and bizarre requests
  • Learn how to defend your commission
  • Learn how to build and sustain a solid career

Specific numbers you need to know (from research and/or from ours client):

Coaching = minimum one more sales per month.

Dollarization calculations:

  • Better prospecting skills= makes minimum 4 listing presentation per month.
  • 10 calls a day x 40 week (5 working days) = 2000 contacts made/year
  • 2000 contacts made/year with only 5% of them who’s want to do business with you= 20 + sales/Year
  • At 2.5% of average sales price of 250 000$ = 6250.00$ x 20 = $125 000.00 + a year.
  • Cost of making call = $000,000.00
  • Total time making call per week= 5 hours.
  • Total time coaching and training per month = 6 hours
  • Total savings thereafter after coaching cost= $125 000 – Coaching cost $12,000/Year = $113 000.00

Let try this for only 3 month and see the result you will get!

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“Dear Sylvia,
I truly wanted to write you a testimonial following the coaching program I am with you in court last 3 months. I progressed tremendously on many levels. Confidence, fear of the phone and fears objections! You offer a method very human and a personalized coaching, adapt to the reality and challenges of our business. Thank you again for your expertise and your generosity!”
Emmanuel Bedard, Remax Des Milles Iles

“Sylvia is the queen for business coaching, she has quickly prioritized our discussions to take me to work on my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths. Her openness and her business experience enable her to respond perfectly to my questions.Sylvia thank you for helping me achieve my 2013 performance in just 3 months of 2014 !PS. In addition Sylvia is good in skiing ”
Yanick Laporte A.A.   Your expert in waterfront / Your expert waterfront
Real Estate Broker & Agency Owner
Century 21 Tremblant

  • 2014 – Individu n°68 en dollars au Canada
  • 2014 – Individu DOUBLE CENTURION®
  • 2013 – Individu CENTURION®


“Your passion for this wonderful profession is contagious. Your values are well justified by this pride to communicate your experiences and advice. Thank you “- Diane Thivierge, Broker-owner