In sale, a “NO because …” is not a “NO”!

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During your sales presentation, your client came up with an objection? This is so good news!

“No, because …” is, in fact and often, a moment of rest the client would need in its deliberations or an better answer to a truly unresolved questions that would help him in his decision to take action and trust you.

So you must always believe an objection is not a rejection! Far from it!
Sometimes lack of experience, a bit of accumulated fatigue or the surprise effect that these arguments bring to us and we find ourselves without responses to even a small objection. In addition, people are a little bit aggressive when they want to absolutely be right.
Sadly, it is taken for a NO and we abandon too soon! The most obvious solution (but to practice it is another matter!) Instead of arguing, it is much better to simply ask our interlocutor a lot more question:
“Tell me a little more?”
“What worries you about this?”
“Explain it to me?”
“Why do you believe that? ”
Simple little questions that allow you to save time, learn more and make you ready to give especially good answer to their objection.
Learn to listen first and after …
Persuade them!

My toughest clients in my business subsequently became my best for life!
Good sales and irreducible Success!
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