Sylvia Perreault International Motivational Success Speaker, Author and Coach
Passionate about Sales and Success!
“I would like to appreciate your valuable contribution to PRED 2010. As I mentioned before, based on the questionnaire wrote by the participants, the satisfaction level of participants from your presentation was unbelievable and we see your name in every papers!”
Mohammad Naserbakht - Executive Director International Congress on Professional Real Estate Development, PRED 2010
“Sylvia is an excellent motivational speaker. She has a good message and delivers it with dramatic flair. I highly recommend Sylvia.” March 22, 2011″
Paul T. Levin Program Director, Governance and Management Training, Stockholm University
“Powerful presentation! Thank you for restoring my pride in this profession”
Carolyne Tremblay Groupe Sutton Accès Plus
“One hundred and twenty-five members of the Laurentians Real Estate board were present and the comments received were all positive! We know for sure that after listening to your presentation, all of our members felt filled with a new energy! This will allow them to reach and exceed their goals. Thank you”
Rose Girard Laurentians Real Estate Board
” Obvious expertise! Timely and useful today!”
Denis Asselin -Broker/Owner Re/Max Unis
“Created quite a buzz!  And a positive one!! 6 months later, everyone is still talking about it”
I like to promote Be proud and succeed!


A motivational and inspiring presentation when you need to energize your participants. It is also the ideal to open or end your event, because she share with such humor all the tricks of successful salespersons that are super easy applicable for us! Let her convince you!

Do you need a unique and funny speaking presentation and dotted with tips and ideas? Sylvia Perreault’s passion for people and their success has led her to develop this dynamic conference to stimulate your groups. It encourages you to achieve goals, to dare your talent, believe in yourself differently and get the results you want as a champion can.

This approach which it acquired during her impressive route of life is fired by its experience in business and has already inspired thousands of participants to improve and have faith on themselves.

Sylvia passes on to you all her art to be Sold on Success!



Participants will learn how to:

  •      set targets and goals that motivate results … and fun
  •      develop a strong and compelling argument to influence… and persuade
  •      differentiate themselves from others to meet up for the competitions … and still be at ease with himself/herself
  •      improve our possible reactions and responses to rejections … and obstacles in life
  •      get what you want by being convinced … therefore convincing!


Your participants will quickly be able to:

  •      understand the approach and the winning attitude of champions and why their success
  •      develop and master the attitudes and tools needed to achieve success in all their projects
  •      take action through simple and immediately applicable ideas

According to Sylvia, the basics of all the fundamentals and techniques of success in business, in sports, in sales are also applicable and effective in your life!

Her adventures and anecdotes will convince you. Attention, her pride is contagious!

So that is why this is not just a conference for vendors or business people; on the contrary, those practical tips gained from her personal experiences will serve in all fields and also, during your whole life.

Sylvia Perreault’s passion for people and their success has led her to develop this dynamic conference to stimulate your teams and members !

“I share my own story, experiences and visions. I am someone who has “been there, done that” and I want to tell you how to do it better! I will talk about the art of Success and its challenges. I will motivate you and help you catapult you or your business. I will show you how to believe in yourself and earn what you deserve!

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Note: To ensure Sylvia’s programs produce results, they all include small customization to meet your actual business needs. This  approach ensures that audiences will be engaged and more open to strategies that will translate into outcomes. This 60 minutes presentation can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any audience and room size.  There is a strong emphasis on practical theories illustrated using personal examples and experiences.